We work with you and your management team to mine those "hidden gems."

It is no secret that when a business grows there are quick fixes put in place that later become weak links. They can be anything from quality control procedures to having someone in a role where the demands of the job have exceeded that person's capacity. Doesn't mean they have to go away, sometimes it means shifting tasks or realigning resources.

The point is you have money buried beneath outdated quick fixes. 

money in business

We help:

  • Take the burden off your shoulders when looking at process and procedures
  • We deal with the details of digging into the trends on sales, expenses and customer turnover
  • We DO NOT bog down you or your staff in a bunch of meetings or pointless number crunching
  • We give you a break from the constant pressure of wondering what is REALLY going on underneath all the activity and if it's the best that can be done​

What about the subjects or projects no one seems to want to take on, but you know are dragging down your operation? 

We call them Purple Elephants​

Why such a silly name for such a serious matter. Well, our integrity and sense of humor have gotten us through the toughest of times. If you need to be serious 100% of the time, we are not a good match. :)

The purple elephants are the things that go unsaid during meetings or the people others avoid because they don't like the drama or conflict involved.​ Have you seen those sitcoms where the grumpy, progress hating desk clerk scares everyone into submission? That is an extreme example, but even that character on a small scale can significantly slow growth.

How much would your revenue and profit increase when the purple elephants are tamed?

money in business

We help:

  • Take a serious look at the organization as a whole, including talent and gaps
  • Where does the best money come? What...you mean not all money is equal? Well, no, it is not. Some comes easily from core services that have high profit, other money comes from old services or hard to fulfill areas that may cost more than they make when you examine the details.
  • Here's a big one: asking "Why do we do this, and why do we do it this way" The answer often shows that it is still the best way, but sometimes it requires a little tough love to let go of old habits or commitments
  • We take care of asking the tough questions and making the unpopular suggestions so you can concentrate on moving forward quickly in a positive, growth oriented manner.
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Marjorie Schoelles, CEO | MSXmedia