For the majority of clients and projects you will have me "hands on" and in person. The goal is to identify, plan and implement shifts in existing processes or new milestones that will have the greatest positive impact on your business the quickest! "

Marjorie Schoelles
CEO  MsXmedia

The scope of work is totally up to you.​

Depending on the needs, timeline and budget the scope can range from analyzing customer churn to filling in as an interim "C", growing results while you search for your next executive team member.

Our Simple 5 Step Process

​Step 1: Fill in the name and email address below to access our 7 question survey. It's a simple way for me to understand where you are as a business and where you want to go. Email back the completed questions with 3 times and dates that you are available and Ami, our Director of Client Experience, will arrange the details. Calls are set at a maximum 45 minutes for the initial questionnaire review.

You may be wondering why not just set up a call. The reality is that writing down your ideas and answers helps clarify where you are in both wanting to bring in assistance to grow your business and what the greatest challenges/opportunities are for positive change. We both benefit from this step.

I would also request you take a look at our contract pricing and structure HERE.  There are no hidden agendas when it comes to our services and we want our clients to see this as an investment in themselves, their team and clients. I'm also personally committed to working with clients that have the cash flow and resources that allows for implementation.

Step 2: At the scheduled time, you and I review the questionnaire via call or Skype.  I get to ask questions and so do you - sound fair? By the end of the call we will know if we are a good fit. If there does not appear to be a good match between your business needs and my solutions, then we part on good terms. Meanwhile, I guarantee you will gain insights from our conversation.

Step 3:  When we agree to move forward, I'll write up what we discussed for goals along with some specifics on time and resources needed from you and your team. I firmly believe in the goal of teaching them to fish - it's better when your team is involved along the way so they own the changes and are accountable for the goals.

Step 4: We both sign NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreement) Depending on the scope of the project, I'm often looking at financial data and sales details. I will also be sharing some of my proprietary systems and information.

Step 5: We agree on the start date, sign the contract and the first payment is due upon signing. We are on our way to finding those hidden dollars and eliminating internal obstacles so you can claim the growth and profit you deserve!