MsXmedia Pricing and Stucture

In many cultures and households the discussion of money is at the worst taboo, at the least...uncomfortable. Too many business owners and sales folks are uneasy when it comes to pricing and asking for the sale. One of the first things I do in most companies is ride along with the sales folks or sit in on a contract discussion so I can get a first person understanding of the sales culture. There is nothing wrong with being nervous, there is everything wrong with apologizing for asking for an equitable exchange of money for value. 

Marjorie Schoelles, CEO | MSXmedia

The TOP level of service available with MSXmedia is the Interim Executive contract.​

Interim Executive: Best utilized when a company or owner has need for short term "C" level ​expertise during a growth run, company turnaround or while searching for a permanent CEO, CMO or COO. Areas of focus can will be overall stability and growth, Marketing, Sales, Operations, top line revenue and net margin. Usual length of contract is between 8-12 months.

Scope: The Interim Executive includes me personally dedicating 60 hours every 4 week period exclusively to your company's success and growth . Depending on location, the hours may include me spending full days on-site or in the field with the remaining hours remote, contact via phone, Skype and email.​ Each organization and each month is different so location and hours are planned in advance, with the understanding that all parties are responsive and flexible to change.

Investment: The Interim Executive is billed on a 4 week schedule, in advance, at $22,500*. Upgraded travel and accommodations are additional.
*Note: This is a contract position incurring no overhead to your operation. All taxes and deductions are handled by MSXmedia , meaning you save time and money by using this solution.

Why this solution? The reality is that people, especially managers and executives, are not that effective in the traditional office setting. Meetings, phone calls and office interruptions drain time, energy and focus. Having an interim executive means that the growth upturn does not spiral out of control, the critical project has someone focused on the deliverables and/or the department(s) continues to function while you are looking for a permanent C Suite team member.

Product / Project Driver

Product / Project Driver: This solution works well when company resources are either under-skilled or does not have the bandwidth to handle a particular project or product launch. If you have developed a great new product or secured a new service to offer but your business is too buried to really make a push to get the new program started, this package is the best for you at this time. Average contract span is 4 - 7 months.

Scope: This solution is flexible and includes all of the possible areas of focus from the Interim Executive, with the additional option of a full scale product launch that includes developing sales funnels, digital marketing, social marketing and product specific collateral. 

Investment:  A new product or project has the most unknowns when it comes to the time needed to successfully complete. Generally there are weeks when a number of pieces are ready to come together, other weeks that are light in time due to waiting on vendors or design development. We begin with a general number of 10 hours per week, billed on a biweekly basis of $8,000. The Product / Project Driver biweekly schedule allows for greater flexibility in shifting or adding hours and resources as needed.

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Marjorie Schoelles, CEO | MSXmedia